Investment Programme

Call Out Now Closed

The Dance Hub Birmingham (DHB) Strategic Investment Programme is open for proposals.

Deadline / Monday 27 February 2023.

DHB seeks to grow a true partnership spirit, building on decades of dance achievement in Birmingham and the wider region, and positioning this as a globally significant area for dance.

The Investment Programme aims to invest in a diverse range of projects that make dance a vibrant and resilient contributor to the artistic and economic life of Birmingham and the West Midlands, achieving significant long-term benefits.

Proposals will be required to bring together multiple partners in order to make a significant step change for the sector.

Proposals that seek to make an intervention across more than one of our investment priority areas are actively encouraged.

The four investment priorities are:

Cross-cutting themes:  Diversity and representation, along with Artform and Sector research.

Full Call Out Brief

Please visit here for full details. Deadline: Monday 27 February 2023
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“With investment from DHB, Sampad has been able to support our creative aspirations, championing the fresh, dynamic and relevant nature of intercultural work. We’re proud to be taking exciting steps forward in our dance careers.”

Vidya Patel, dance artist, on About the Elephant

“DHB funding has enabled me to research and investigate new methods of reaching new audiences both online and in real life settings. In focussing on discovering new audiences, I have made a step-change in my own choreographic practice and crafting.”

Jamaal Burkmar, Extended Play

“DHB funds enabled us to create our first group piece Torus. This trust and investment were vital in giving us the time and resources to make this big step, and in attracting other funders, co-commissioners and international collaborators.”

Rudi Cole and Júlia Robert Parés, Humanhood

“DHB funding has allowed me to reflect on my role as a leader. This has informed the way I communicate and understand communication styles, and has changed my approach as a Director, as a Choreographer, as a Dancer and as a Teacher.”

Laura Vanhulle, Vanhulle Dance Theatre

“DHB investment has supported me in building long-lasting relationships with festival promoters, directors and fellow makers, as well as creating new and exciting partnerships with other arts organisations for the development of current and future work.”

Johnny Autin, Autin Dance Theatre

“Navigate, our Black Choreographers Project funded by DHB, has been a real-life demonstration of the importance of cultural exchange. It has opened doors for artists and given them a purpose and starting point for a conversation they haven’t had before.”

Gail and Ian Parmel, ACE dance and music